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HTML Links

HTML links are created using the <a></a> tags. Links are what make the web, the web. Links create a way to navigate a website and can also link to other sites as well.

        <a href="" title="What is a Full Stack Developer">What is a Full Stack Developer?</a>

The code above creates this link right here. What is a Full Stack Developer?

As you can see your have two HTML Attributes inside the opening <a href="" title="">

Links can be used in various locations of a web page. They can be used for internal navigation purposes and can be used to take people from your site to another website.

You can also link to other parts of the same web page by using other HTML Attributes like ID. Example below.

<a href="#jumpTo">Jump To</a>

The code above produces this result.
Jump To

The Full Stack Video is used to provide some space on this page.
It’s a video that explains what a full stack web developer actually is and details the languages used along with a realistic time frame to become a full stack. Check it out.

Links play an important role to the world wide web and to SEO. You need to make sure that you properly use links so that the person reading your content benefits and of course so you can benefit as well.

Linked to From Above using the Jump To Link.

Make sure to copy this code to your text editor and play around with it.

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