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How to Start a Website / Blog with WordPress?

WordPress Website & Blogging Starter Guide

Blogging is a great way to get your message out to the public and to share your thoughts on the topics that you are familiar with.

By having your own blog, you can create a community that becomes loyal and recognizes you as an expert within your particular field.

While it is extremely important to be on the various social media networks, I don’t recommend using them as your primary tool for sharing your message. The reason is each social media website has the ability to change their algorithm in a way that may benefit you or be detrimental to your message that’s being spread.

When you have your own blog, you are the algorithm. You create the website, you create the content and then you share it on the various social media networks that you are active on.

Your blog becomes your foundation for your online voice. The social networks become a way for you to share small snippets of content that will ultimately drive more traffic back to your website. Eventually, people will start going directly to your website if the content you provide is valuable, well written and easily shareable.
In this blogging guide I will show you the things you need to do to start a blog and to maintain your blog.

While there are options for you to choose where you don’t have to spend not even a penny, I do recommend making a small investment in your blog so that you have full control and ownership of the content itself and the displaying of advertisements that you control.

5 Steps to Starting a Blog

  1. Purchase a domain name and web hosting. Own Your Domain Name
  2. Choose WordPress as your blogging platform.
  3. Set up and configure your blog.
  4. Choose your theme and plugins for the look and style of your website and for additional functionality.
  5. Start creating high quality content for your blog that readers would enjoy viewing and sharing.

Step 1: Purchase a Domain Name & Web Hosting

A domain name is the name of your website that corresponds with the actual web address. For example, my website is . I purchased my domain name for $10 and your domain name will typically cost the same.

Quick tip on choosing a domain name

Your domain name should be something short, easy to remember, specific to your brand and you should try to secure the social media handles for the same name.

There are a ton of domain extensions that you can choose from but I recommend choosing the .com version of a domain name and then you can choose to get the other domain extensions if you want.

With so many websites online, you might find that it’s difficult to get the exact domain name that you want. So think about the type of domain name you want and the variations of the name that still meet your goals for your website and brand.

You also need web hosting for your website. Web hosting is a service that you purchase where your website files and database and assets will be stored on the hosting account. You might have heard of the term web server; this is a computer in a data center that is used to house one or more websites.

Typically, web hosting will cost you between $6 to $15 per month depending on the type of shared hosting account you choose. Own your Hosting Solution

Step 2: Why use WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system/blogging platform used to power modern-day websites.

Every day bloggers to Fortune 500 corporations use WordPress as the main software for their website.

  1. WordPress is free to use
  2. It is easy to use
  3. Is well supported
  4. There are thousands of themes and plugins for you to choose from both free and paid versions.
  5. The best part, is that you actually own your content and your website when you use the self-hosted version of WordPress on your Web server.

Step 3: Setup and Configure your Blog

If you chose to purchase your domain name and hosting accounts with us, you can choose to do a one click WordPress installation on your server and can be up and running within minutes. Shop PixemWeb

The one click installation is a very easy way to get your WordPress powered website up and running without having to deal with extra software.

Step 4: Choose your Theme and Plugins

As previously mentioned there are thousands of themes and plugins for you to choose from that are either free or very low cost.

Themes provide the look and feel of your website. Plugins provide the functionality for your website.

You can find amazing free themes on the official WordPress website or you can buy a premium theme from us.

If you want to have your website professionally set up for you with any of the themes and plugins that we provide you can choose our affordable WordPress website set up service which will give you access to some of the best premium themes and plugins with ongoing support and updates. Premium WordPress Themes

If you want a completely custom website, then we can set up a consultation where we will go over the various styling and functionality aspects of the website that you want.

Step 5: Start creating high quality content for your Blog

Once you have your domain name, hosting, WordPress installed and your website set up, you will be ready to start creating useful content that is easy to share an enjoyable for your readers.

If you want to learn more about how to use WordPress check out our YouTube channel where we provide free tutorials and how to use WordPress and tips and tricks and how to manage your website. WordPress Tutorials

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