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IDX Broker Platinum

An IDX service is what makes home searches possible on a real estate agent’s website. Through a connection to your local MLS, listings are displayed on your website. This feature is what keeps people coming back to your site which means you get the leads.

PixemWeb Specializes in IDX Integration with IDX Broker Platinum

As an approved IDX Broker Developer Partner my clients don’t need to pay the usual set up fee of $99. The monthly payment stays the same. So this is a benefit that you receive by signing up through me. Just make sure that you sign up through my link Make sure the end of the url says PixemWeb, that is my developer link and where you will receive the discount.

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IDX Broker Lite

Starting at $55.00 per month

IDX Broker Platinum

Starting at $90.00 per month


Most of the Widgets that you'll need!

  • Agent Specific Featured Listings Showcase (for Team/Office Accounts)
  • Save and Manage All Widgets
  • Edit Existing Widgets whenever you need to
  • More Out-Of-The-Box Widgets

More Widgets to Love

  • Map Search that you can place on any page
  • My Listing Manager Signup Form
  • Map-Based Polygon Widget Generator for creating custom showcase and slideshow widgets

Map Functionality

Unlimited Map results, customizable Map Search

  • Map Search automatically displays your website branding
  • Build an unlimited number of custom link Map Search results pages
  • Customize your core Map Search page, with full control over page wrapper, CSS, and subheader content
  • "Fly to" functionality to send your visitors to a specific city, county, or postal code
  • Add maps to all of your results pages, automatically
  • And much more..

All the same features, plus Polygon, Clustering and Bio Maps

  • Polygon Links
  • Polygon Showcases
  • Polygon Slideshows
  • Pin Clustering - display up to 500 potential listings per map result
  • Bio Page Maps (Team/Office Level only)

Leads and Lead Capture

Powerful Lead Management + Page Type Capture Controls

  • Capture leads from any page type including Search, Maps, Listing ID, Results, Details, and Photo Gallery

Lead Import/Export + Page Level Capture Controls

  • Import and export your leads
  • Managed saved exports
  • Page level lead capture
  • Control lead capture at the page level, including Saved Search pages

Team/Office Features

Key Office Needs

  • Manual lead assignment with auto-email notification to the agent
  • Lead routing by core fields, round-robin, or round-robin+ core fields
  • Manage Bio details

And More That You Want Includes all the features of Lite, PLUS:

  • Automatically Import Agents from your MLS feed
  • Manage your Roster page
  • Include Maps on Agent Bio pages
  • Manage Agent export and import

Email Settings and Customization

Email Controls and Customization

  • Send yourself a test email update to confirm branding and quality
  • Customize email update subheaders, wrapper, and css

Advanced Settings, Such As...

  • Customize the email signature shown in your leads' property update emails
  • Add your office, admin, or CRM email address as a CC or BCC on all lead notifications
  • Direct Contact, More Info, Home Valuation, and Schedule a Showing page contacts to a unique email address

Saved Searches (Custom Links)

Standard Saved Search Controls

  • Create predefined saved search links using your:
  • Advanced Search page
  • Address Search page
  • Basic Search page
  • Email Update Search page
  • Listing ID Search page
  • Map Search page
  • And even by custom editing the URL of any search page
  • Validate your search links at any time with our built-in link validation tool

More powerful saved link functionality. Includes all the features of Lite, PLUS:

  • The ability to build custom links using Polygon Search tools (Map Search)
  • Add a unique wrapper to any of your saved links
  • Customize the CSS for any of your saved links
  • Add a unique subheader to any saved links
  • View saved link details via expando

API Functionality (Advanced)

Base-level API call limit

  • API call limit set to 125 calls per hour

API call limit expanded

  • API call limit expanded to 250 calls per hour

Search Page Settings

Core Search Page Controls

  • Page type lead registration settings:
  • Map Search
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search - all the MLS-specific fields
  • Street Address
  • MLS Listing Number
  • Request and/or force registration on all Search Form pages, Map Search, Results pages, Details pages, and Photo Gallery
  • Advanced search field and details page customization and controls
  • Apply custom or default city, county and postal code search lists
  • Custom City, County and Zip (Postal) Code search lists

More Page Level controls.. Includes all the features of Lite, PLUS:

  • Page Level lead registration settings
  • Create a new search page
  • Search page settings and layout
  • Establish a default MLS at the page level

MLS Settings and Controls

Limited IDX Field Label Control

  • Change the name of your MLS

Advanced MLS Feed Customization

  • Change the name of your MLS, AND...
  • Remove Under Contract, Pending, or any other listings that you feel may confuse your clients
  • Rename MLS property types if the MLS-provided name is not descriptive enough
  • Rename core fields such as bed, bath, acres, etc.
  • Rename IDX feed-specific "Advanced" fields such area (to "City", for example), subdivision, etc.
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