WordPress Theme Development with DevWP

Learn To Code Custom WordPress Themes

Why PixemWeb?

I've dedicated thousands of hours mastering WordPress, so you don't have to.

Why DevWP?

DevWP is a full-featured, highly functional WordPress Theme.

What You'll Learn


A modified version of the Premiere WordPress Starter Theme.

Bootstrap 5

Used for the Front-end of our custom WordPress Theme.

Custom Navwalker

Makes our Navigation Menu work seamlessly with WordPress.


Version Control is an important part of programming.


Learn how to use Node.js to help automate your workflow.


NPM is the Node Package Manager which helps us use modules with Node.js.


Learn how to use the Dependency Manager for PHP.

Block Editor

Learn how to integrate the Gutenberg Block Editor into your WordPress Theme.

Classic Editor

Give your users the choice of using the Classic Editor.

Command Line Interface

Gain the knowledge of how to use the command line to improve your workflow.

And so much more!

You will learn how to use all these tools and more.

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