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About PixemWeb – Joel Rivera

From Suits & Ties to T-Shirts & Jeans

Thank you for taking the time to visit PixemWeb. When choosing a company to work with you often have questions about who is behind the firm. Let me give you a brief description of who I am.

My name is Joel Rivera. I am the founder of PixemWeb. The reason I chose to offer my Design & Development Services to others is so that I could help people achieve their goals and by doing so, feed my family. I offer my services and experience to those in Real Estate, Politics, Business, Non-Profits or Bloggers in general.

I am more than just a web developer. I am a father, a family man, a former Elected Official in NYC Government, Small Business Owner & Realtor. I enjoy what I do and yes I spend the overwhelming part of my days and nights in front of a computer screen. So here are my credentials.

My Experience

Web Design & Development

In this section, I detail my knowledge of the various coding languages used to create a modern website. While most people will glance over this section (and I don’t blame you) I feel it’s important that you know that I know what I’m doing. I have a deep working knowledge of the various tools I use which allows me to create robust websites.

Below this section you will find that I have a wealth of experience outside the Web Development field. It is this additional life experience that helps me understand the various needs of those that I help with their online projects.

1. HTML –¬†This is where I started my journey of learning to create websites. When I created my first site. It was simple, functional and man did it load fast. Granted it was mostly text with a fixed width centered layout and small images with fixed dimensions. No sliders, no database, wasn’t responsive, just basic. I was proud of my first website.

HTML is the markup language of the web. Consider it the skeleton. If you want to get a good example of what HTML looks like, simply right click on your mouse and click VIEW PAGE SOURCE . What you will see is the under belly of a web page. Websites are basically just a bunch of files/pages linked together.

2. CSS –¬†Cascading Style Sheets is where I ventured next. The best way to describe CSS is to compare it to the paint job of your shinny new car. It’s actually a whole lot more than that but for the sake of brevity I will keep it concise. With CSS you can do many things, like make your website responsive to changing colors and more. It adds character to a website and it’s where the creative types can really show off their skills.

3. Javascript / jQuery –¬†After learning HTML and CSS I then started to play around with javascript & jQuery. Javascript is whats called a scripting language and jQuery is a javascript library that makes using javascript easier. This is what makes websites do interesting things, like picture sliders, drop down menus etc.

4. PHP –¬† This is a server side programming language that helps to make websites dynamic. I started to learn PHP because I quickly realized that I needed my websites to be more powerful and easier to maintain. PHP is used by big names¬†like Facebook and WordPress because it is robust, well documented, open source and supported by virtually every platform.

5. MySQL –¬†This is the database part of WordPress and most websites. The best way to explain this is to compare it to Excel but 100 times better. MySQL and PHP work together on the server to render out HTML, CSS, Content like articles or Data & other files.

6. Linux Server Administration –¬†Linux is the operating system that powers the vast majority of the web. I work in the Command line or use a GUI Graphical User Interface to fine tune¬†and monitor whats taking place on my server.

7. WordPress –¬†I chose WordPress because it is built on and made to be used on everything I mentioned above. ¬†For years I have been creating Custom Websites with WordPress for Realtors, Lawyers, Blogger and people from all walks of life. I find it to be the best option out there.

8. IDX –¬†Since I do a lot of work for Realtors, I have teamed up with IDX Broker to help agents & brokers to promote their services not only as a listing agent but also as a buyers agent. Basically we help you by having every listing in your local MLS featured on your website. Making you the ultimate buyers agent or broker. Also since I’m a developer partner with IDX Broker, my clients save $99 on their IDX setup. All you have to do is sign up with my link and I will help you create your Real Estate Website. IDX Sign Up

Real Estate

Besides being a WordPress Developer I am also a Realtor based out of New York. I have been in the real estate industry for a few years and have seen first hand how hard it is for Realtors to connect with potential Buyers and Sellers Online. You are not only competing with other Realtors but Third Party Providers that seem to dominate the search engines. So the question is can your website reach page 1? The answer is yes. It’s not easy to accomplish but the first step is to have a Rock Solid Online Foundation which is your Website that is integrated with the best IDX Platform that helps you rank well in the search engines. I digressed back to Web design SMH.


I am the former Majority Leader of the NYC Council. I held the position for 12 years. I served the maximum allowed 3 terms in the Council. I successfully ran in 9 Primaries and General Elections Combined and won them all. My experience in politics gives me great insight into how our society is shaped and what it means to roll up your sleeves and hit the campaign trail.


I formerly owned and operated a Liberty Tax Franchise that serviced thousands of local residents. It was a great experience that allowed me to connect with the community and help people prepare their taxes. I understand how business works and what it means to continuously be on the hunt for your next client. One thing I learned is to always be hungry no matter how successful you may be.

In conclusion

As a full time Web Developer I am using my experiences to help others achieve their online goals. This is probably one of the longest About me pages around but I think it’s important for you to know who I am and where I come from.

I look forward to working with you on your next Website.

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