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The Wordpress Loop & How To Customize The Loop
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The WordPress Loop & How To Customize The Loop

WordPress makes it extremely easy to create content on your website and blog. All you have to do is log into your WordPress Powered Website, head over to the Add New Post and start blogging away. The Actual Steps of crafting your blog post are as follows: (I know, you already know this part). Choose Read full article…

Does A Web Developer Need A Computer Science Degree?
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Does a Web Developer Need a Computer Science Degree?

Web design and Development as a service has grown over the years. Especially since access to tutorials on How To Code, has flourished. People have started to learn how to code either as a hobby or with the goal of starting a new business. What once seemed only doable by those who are college educated Read full article…

Learn How To Code 10x Faster
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Learn How To Code 10X Faster – Tips from a Full Stack Web Developer

Learning to code can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding decisions a person can make. The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, primarily because of our technological advances. Everything around us is connected in some way, to the internet and has a built in processor which means there are opportunities Read full article…

Troubleshooting Wordpress – Error Establishing Database Connection
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Troubleshooting WordPress – Error Establishing Database Connection

WordPress is an amazing Content Management System that uses a database management system called MySQL or MariaDB. But if you’ve surfed the web, you’ve probably come across the Error Establishing a Database Connection. Sometimes database’s can get corrupted, run into issues or your server can get overloaded. There are numerous reasons websites can run into Read full article…

Microsoft Buys Github For $7.5 Billion – Is Wordpress Next?
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Microsoft Buys GitHub for $7.5 Billion – Is WordPress Next?

Another Multi-Billion Dollar Purchase by Microsoft This past week has been good for Microsoft. With the latest reports highlighting the company’s value at $753 Billion which makes it one of the most valuable companies in the world (it’s been at the top for almost my entire life) and it’s purchase of one of the most Read full article…

Yoast Seo Update Causes Search Rankings To Drop In Google
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Yoast SEO Update Causes Search Rankings to Drop in Google

Have you heard the Latest SEO News? The number one SEO plugin for WordPress, Yoast SEO, accidently created a bug in the 7.0 update which caused some websites and blogs to tank in the search results. How did this happen to the Premiere SEO Plugin? Mistakes happen, especially when major updates are done to large Read full article…

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GDPR & WordPress – Is Your Website Ready?

Is your Website GDPR Compliant? GDPR aka General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect today, May 25, 2018. You might have heard about this over the past few weeks as you’ve opened up your email to find numerous updates to privacy policies. So the question is what should you focus on as a website owner Read full article…

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How To Use The Duplicator WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin

As a WordPress Developer, I’m always creating new websites for myself and clients. Part of my workflow is I first create the website on my local development environment. I choose or code the theme, install the plugins I’ll be using on the live website along with some development focused plugins and I might also create Read full article…

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What To Look For in a WordPress Theme – A Developers Perspective

My Thoughts on Choosing a WordPress Theme Choosing a WordPress Theme can be difficult with all the options available. In the video above which is from my YouTube Channel, I share my thinking of what people should look for in a WordPress Theme. When choosing a WordPress Theme, you have literally, thousands of options to Read full article…

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Freelancing as a Web Developer in 2018

In this article and video, I talk about Freelancing as a Web Developer in 2018. I cover some of the most important topics a freelancer has to consider, the pros and cons, along with some of my tips and advice from my years working as a full time freelance web developer who works from home. Read full article…

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Should you learn WordPress in 2018?

This question seems to come up every single year because people want to know if WordPress is here to stay. The basis of this article, is whether or not a person should consider becoming a WordPress designer, developer or consultant. As a freelance WordPress developer, I spend a significant amount of time looking at trends, Read full article…

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Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

So You Want to Be a Programmer? If the idea of sitting with your laptop and typing away cryptic code at what seems like the speed of light peaks your interest, then you just might have the programmers bug. The question then becomes what language should you learn? There are more coding languages than there Read full article…

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Two WordPress Updates in 24 Hours 4.9.3 to 4.9.4 What Happened?

As many of you might have noticed, this week we had two updates to WordPress from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3 and then in less than 24 hours 4.9.4 was rushed out. Why did we have two updates back to back? WordPress 4.9.3 This update resolved 34 bugs in WordPress 4.9 including fixes for the Customizer, widgets, Read full article…

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2018

The Best of the Best, WordPress Plugins 2018 One of the greatest things about WordPress is the sheer number of themes and plugins available, for free, on the official WordPress website. There are tens of thousands of free plugins that empower you to extend the functionality of your website with features that can take your Read full article…

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WP Optimize vs WP Sweep vs Optimize Database vs Advanced Database Cleaner

WordPress Database Optimization Plugins, faceoff! Having a well optimized database is extremely important for those who own and manage dynamic websites. Fortunately with WordPress, there are several really good WordPress Database Optimization Plugins that do a really good job of making the whole process, easy. In this post and the video above I compare the Read full article…

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How To Test Your Website in Different Browsers and Mobile Devices

If you’re a web designer, developer or site/blog owner, making sure your website looks good and consistent on all web browsers and on all devices whether it’s a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, should be a top priority. While native apps on mobile devices have been in direct competition with websites, websites still attract Read full article…

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How To Prepare Your WordPress Website for 2018 – Speed Security SEO Social Media & Email

It’s amazing that 2017 is already coming to an end. The count down begins and next thing you know, we will be diving right into 2018. So what should you do for your WordPress Website to get it prepared for the upcoming year? There are a number of things that you should focus on as Read full article…

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How to Add a Custom YouTube Video Header in your WordPress Theme

Have you thought about using a YouTube Video as a Custom Header on your WordPress Powered Website? The basic steps are you would go to: Appearance then Customize then proceed to the Header Section and place the URL to the YouTube Video you want to display. Seems easy enough right? Well, if you don’t mind Read full article…

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DevWP Update- WordPress Development Training Theme

Watch the YouTube Video Above As a WordPress Developer, it’s important that you keep your code up to date. The reason is simple, you want to make sure that you’re theme continues to work with WordPress and in all modern web browsers. Also, people may be using your theme on their website, so it’s important Read full article…

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What’s New in WordPress 4.9 Tipton?

Watch the Latest WordPress Features Video Above WordPress has just released version 4.9 named after Billy Tipton after the Jazz Musician and band leader. This is the last major release for the 2017 calendar year. With this latest update comes some much anticipated and sought after improvements in the WordPress Customizer and the Widget area. Read full article…

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How To Code a WordPress Theme with Bootstrap 4 & Underscores – DevWP

WordPress Theme Development Video Above WordPress is an amazing Content Management System that makes it really easy to own a website for very little investment. For just a few bucks, you can own your Domain Name and get Web Hosting. This gives you the ability to actually own a piece of Online Real Estate. Having Read full article…

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