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DevWP WordPress Training Theme Reviews

DevWP WordPress Training Theme Reviews

DevWP is a WordPress Development Training Theme that uses some of the best tools and resources.
Over the past 2 years, thousands of people have learned to code their very own WordPress theme by watching the training videos and using DevWP.
These are just a few of the reviews of DevWP on YouTube.
Hundreds of positive comments have been left on the various videos I’ve uploaded and I wanted to share with you some of what people had to say.

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From Yvonne:
“Thank you so much for the explanation. I went through some bootstrap tutorials with others that was a wee bit over my head. I feel this gives me some basic structure to work with as a beginner theme developer and you make it all seem doable in the way you explain everything. Thanks again.”

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From Beto:
“One of the best youtube video of how to develop a wp theme. Your folders structure looks professional and organized, so newbies avoid mistakes. Thank you!”

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From Carla:
“You really know your craft! Found someone I like to watch apart from Brad tranversy . You guys really know how to make complex things sound easy”

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From Mamadou:
“You did a great job through this WP Underscore theme Tut ! Thank you for that. It really help me understand more concepts around Underscore base starter theme. Thank a lot”

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From Becky:
“Thank you very much! Your video was the only one who helped me to solve my problem to enqueue Bootstrap properly to my theme!”

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From Carlos:
“Thank you so much for creating this content! it’s amazing! I’m learning so much!”

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From Yoeri:
“Thanks for the content and your step by step walk through. I like your style of teaching as it is practical and hands on and can help new developers with the workflow that is necessary to start and finish off projects.”

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From Boun:
“You made my year. I’ve been waiting for Bootstrap 4! Next, you should teach us how to customize WooCommerce that ships with Underscores. You are the man!”

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