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Custom WordPress Themes To help your website stand out from the crowd. From Evo Pro, DevWP & AgentIDX, each theme is carefully coded, refactored & reviewed for Quality Assurance.

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Real Estate Agents Help People Become Homeowners, As a WordPress Designer & Developer, I Help Real Estate Agents Become Website Owners.

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Creating a Modern Website with SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization & Lead Generation in mind, requires a lot of time & knowhow. If you're looking to expedite the creation of your Website so you can start generating leads, then let's chat about a Premium WordPress Website Set.

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Wordpress 5.0 Aka Gutenberg – December 6th 2018 Release Date

WordPress 5.0 aka Gutenberg – December 6th 2018 Release Date

WordPress 5.0 aka Gutenberg is now scheduled to be released on Thursday, December 6th 2018. That’s right, Gutenberg is almost here. Are you ready for this major update to the most popular blogging and website creation tool used by over 32% of modern websites online? Over the past few months, I uploaded various videos to Read full article…

The Wordpress Loop & How To Customize The Loop

The WordPress Loop & How To Customize The Loop

WordPress makes it extremely easy to create content on your website and blog. All you have to do is log into your WordPress Powered Website, head over to the Add New Post and start blogging away. The Actual Steps of crafting your blog post are as follows: (I know, you already know this part). Choose Read full article…

Does A Web Developer Need A Computer Science Degree?

Does a Web Developer Need a Computer Science Degree?

Web design and Development as a service has grown over the years. Especially since access to tutorials on How To Code, has flourished. People have started to learn how to code either as a hobby or with the goal of starting a new business. What once seemed only doable by those who are college educated Read full article…

Learn How To Code 10x Faster

Learn How To Code 10X Faster – Tips from a Full Stack Web Developer

Learning to code can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding decisions a person can make. The world around us is changing at a rapid pace, primarily because of our technological advances. Everything around us is connected in some way, to the internet and has a built in processor which means there are opportunities Read full article…

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