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HTML Attributes

HTML Attributes can be added to HTML elements to provide additional information about the element. One thing to keep in mind is that Attributes are always specified in the Start Tag.


<p class="lead"></p>

In the example above the paragraph starting tag <p> has the attribute class="lead" so the end result is it looks like <p class="lead"></p>

A link example with attributes.

<a href="">Link to PixemWeb</a>

In the code above, the attribute is the href="" the web address in the middle is the actual link. What you will also notice is in between the
<a href=""> and the closing </a> is some additional text Link to PixemWeb which is the wording used for the link.

There are a lot of attributes that can be used for different purposes on different tags. Throughout the various tutorials, I will introduce you to the various attributes you will use in your projects.

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