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Uninstall Quicktime on Windows – Security Alert

Uninstall Quicktime on Windows – Security Alert

It’s official, Apple is no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows. No more security updates or patches. This is concerning, especially since two security flaws have been identified which affect QuickTime for Windows.

As noted by Trend Micro in their blog post, their zero day initiative has found two vulnerabilities in the platform. The best action to take at this point is to uninstall QuickTime from your Windows Powered Computer.

How to Uninstall QuickTime

You can uninstall QuickTime from your Control Panel. It is the same process as uninstalling any other program from your machine. It is recommended that you uninstall programs that you don’t need or are no longer being supported by the original programmers. This will increase your security since there will be less ways for hackers with malicious intent to cause harm to your computer.

QuickTime Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to QuickTime, then I recommend you take a look at VLC. It is an Open Source Cross Platform Application. It is a great alternative and is currently maintained by its developers.

The Takewaway

Always keep your computer and its programs up to date. If the programs you are using are no longer actively maintained then you should delete them and find alternatives.

Check out the Video on this topic.

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