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WordPress Security Plugins?

What’s the Best WordPress Security Plugins? WordPress powers well over 25% of the modern web. It’s popularity and wide spread usage is also why hackers like to target websites powered by WordPress. That being said, WordPress is actually very secure and since it is actively maintained by a talented group of developers, whenever an issue Read full article…

WordPress 4.7.2 Update

Subscribe To PixemWeb on YouTube WordPress has pushed out the latest version of its popular content management platform, a security release that comes 2 weeks after the most recent update. The new version is 4.7.2, and WordPress’s announcement tell users it’s an important one: “This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly Read full article…

WordPress 4.7.1 Update

The WordPress team has been hard at work fixing 69 issues that include 8 Security issues and 61 bugs. Most sites should automatically be updated but if your site hasn’t yet, then it’s recommended that you immediately log into your website and update. 8 Security Patches Remote Code Execution in PHPMailer has been patched. The Rest Read full article…


What is Two Factor Authentication

Double Your Security with Two Factor Authentication You might have heard of the concept Two Factor Authentication or Two-Step Authentication. These are terms used to describe how you can increase your security when accessing online accounts or services. What does Two Factor Authentication Do? Typically, when you log into a website or account you use Read full article…

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Ashley Madison Data Released – Hacked

Hackers from The Impact Team took responsibility for breaching the servers of a website dedicated to cheaters called Ashley Madison resulting in the loss of source code, customer records, financial information and detailed personal fantasies of  nearly 40 million members of the site. The Impact Team released a statement demanding that Avid Media, the company behind and Read full article…

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