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You’re Not Alone!

You’re Not Alone!

Sometimes when you are in business for yourself and you have no business partners, you often feel alone. Making all the decisions for your business is both Awesome and Scary. The right choices can mean success and the wrong choices can mean failure.

So even if you are the sole owner of your business, you still need people to help you along the way. People that you can learn from, someone that can be your guide.

One of my favorite Quotes of all times is, “It’s not the Brains you have on Top, but the Brains you have on Tap”!

There’s no need for you to run your business alone. Develop your team of professionals that can help you turn your business into a well oiled machine. So who do you need on your team?

The Team

  • Lawyer – Hey, you’re in business and that means you will need the advice of a lawyer at some point. It’s always good to have a lawyer who is well versed in your industry. That way if you ever find yourself in need of legal representation, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute making a haphazard decision of who will be your legal voice.
  • CPA – Your money is precious and limited. Make sure you have an Accountant that can help you deal with the dizzying array of changing tax laws. A good accountant can help you prepare your tax filings and in the event of an Audit, you won’t sweat as much.
  • Financial Planner – So you’re making a few dollars. Great, now make those dollars work for you. Maybe you want to invest in stocks, or maybe bonds. Either wa, your financial planner can help you make the right financial choice.
  • Insurance Agent – Nobody likes to buy insurance, it’s a waste right? Wrong. When something tragic happens and your business is gone, Insurance is there to put you back in business. Just get it and make sure you are adequetly protected. Get a dedicated Insurance Agent that can review your position every so often. As your wealth changes so do your insurance needs.
  • Realtor – Besides investing in Stocks, you can always invest in property. A great quote is “Buy Land, God’s not making any more of it”!
  • Doctor – You need to maintain your health! Business can be stressful!
  • Web Developer – Of course I’m going to mention this. The internet is changing, your target market is now accustomed to first checking online before they make a buying decision. Your Web Developer should be knowledgable of the main aspects of how the web works. Let’s Chat!

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