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Websites vs Apps for Real Estate Search

Big question, how do people search for Real Estate? Do they search the local newspapers? No. Do they drive around town looking for available properties? Not really. Do they call a Real Estate Agency the moment they decide to start looking for a new place to live? No.

Now days people are taking more control of searching for real estate. They will use their favorite tool to search and then once they’ve identified what they want, then they will reach out to a Realtor. The question is what tool are they using?

Websites vs Apps

Are people using websites to search for real estate or are they using apps from their smartphones or tablets? The answer may surprise you. While Apps for the iPhone and Android phones and tablets are heavily used for things like Facebook, Twitter and playing games. People are still predominantly using a Website on a laptop or desktop to search for their next home.

It’s just easier to search for a home via a website. While apps are improving, they are still no where near the experience a person gets from a dedicated website. This is where Realtors can shine. Currently, the biggest names in the online search industry are none other than Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and the lesser known portals. These sites have done an amazing job of taking the listings that Real Estate Agents & Brokers go through pains to get and sell prime advertising spots back to those very same Realtors.

To get a solid return on your investment on most of these portals you would need to spend a significant amount of money per month advertising with them. They can charge you so much because they are on page one of the major search engines and people rarely go past page one.

Is there an Alternative?

Of course there is. The alternative is to Buy a Domain Name for less than $10 per year, Get hosting for less than $10 per month and get an IDX Solution for less than $40 per month. Total Monthly cost is less than $46. Compare that to the $500+ some Realtors are spending per month with the big names in the industry.

But wait, the big names are on page 1 and you’re not so you just need to pay the giants right? Nope! Just remember, 99% of people are struggling while paying the giants. The top Agents and Brokers understand that they need to do something different. They build their Brands. They create a business that people turn to time and again. Give people a real local alternative and they will over time turn to you.

Buy the Domain Name for less than $10 per year, Get your website hosting for less than $5 per month and get your IDX Solution for less than $40 per month. That’s just $46 per month. Then start blogging, share your blogs on Social Media, become known as the local expert and you will find yourself rising in the search engines and reaching page 1.

While others will go broke and eventually leave the Real Estate Industry, you will be building your business and your brand.

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