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Scale & Resize Your Images for WordPress

Scale & Resize Your Images for WordPress

Image Tips & Tricks for WordPress

If you are using a Smart Phone or any halfway decent camera to take pictures then you will most likely be taking photos that are great for Printing but not so great for Web Use! Normally these cameras and phones take mega high pixel pictures that when uploaded to your website will cause your page to load very slowly.

So what can you do?

First thing you should do is Scale your images to the right dimensions. Find out the specific size you will be using in your post. Will it be a full width picture or will it be a smaller image? Most full width pictures are mostly around 1170 px wide. Now how to you Scale your image? Use the tools below.

  • Photoshop – Paid Option
  • Gimp – Free Option but might be tough to learn
  • – Free Option and easy to use. Click Here

Second thing you should do after you Scale your image is to reduce the file size. Yes Scaling your image will reduce the file size a little but you want to make sure your web visitors get the best possible experience on your website. So now you need to reduce the file size without losing quality. I recommend only one free option -> 

By first Scaling down your images and then Reducing the file size of your image you are then ready to upload to your website. These optimization tips might seem like to much trouble at first but if you have ever visited a website that takes more than a few seconds to load, you most likely decided to keep searching elsewhere. So if you are using your website to conduct business and conversions are important then make these tips a habbit.


Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts.


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