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How to Backup your WordPress Website – The Right Way

How to Backup your WordPress Website – The Right Way

It’s Time to Back that Site up!

Having a good backup of your database and website files and assets is extremely important. If something ever happens to your server having a backup will enable you to upload your database and files to a new server. If your website ever gets hacked, then having a clean backup will enable you to delete what’s on the server and upload a clean fresh copy of your database and files.

If you’re considering changing your hosting solution you will often need to migrate your website and having a backup of your database and files will make the process go smoother.

The plugin that I demonstrate in the video above, can be found on the WordPress repository and is a very popular plugin that has a tremendous number of features to make it very user-friendly.

Follow along with the video and you’ll see how easy it is to take consistent backups of your WordPress powered website.

How often should you take backups?

If you blog daily then you should take backups daily, if you blog weekly then take weekly backups or if you blog monthly then just take monthly backups.
Below is a video I created that demonstrates how to fully configure a free plugin that will make the whole process of backing up your WordPress database and files an easy one.

You can also automate the process of taking backups of your website and even designate different locations to have redundant backups.

Hopefully you find the video to be helpful and see why it’s important to take backups of your website often.

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