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How to Rank Higher in the Search Engines with Google XML Sitemaps

In this article and video, I’m going to be demonstrating how to use the very popular WordPress plugin called Google XML sitemaps.

This plugin is extremely helpful because it will help you with your search engine optimization campaign. The way it does this is it automates the process creating a new Google XML sitemap whenever you add a post or page to your website.

This means that the search engines will be notified once your post is created and increase your chances of getting that post or page indexed quickly.

While there may be a lot of other options to choose from when it comes to creating Google XML sitemaps, this plugin has proven to be an effective solution with over 1 million installations on WordPress powered websites.

The Google XML sitemaps plugin has over 1411 five-star reviews and is actively maintained by the developer.

It is a standalone plugin that does one job and it does it well.

It will help your SEO efforts within Google, Bing, Yahoo and

This plugin is listed as one of the top rated WordPress plugins and I highly recommend it for all websites powered by WordPress.
In this video I will show you how to properly install it and all the option that it comes with to help you dynamically create Google XML sitemaps.

Make sure you follow along with the video above to see how to properly install the Google XML site maps generator plug-in and how to configure it to meet your needs.

This is one of those plugins that is a must-have for virtually every single WordPress powered website especially if you’re looking to do well in the search results.

Search engine optimization is an extremely complex topic that is constantly changing but there are a few things that remain the same. They are what is considered to be the foundation of a good Seo strategy.

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