it support for small business & non profits

IT for Business & Non-Profits

Every Business, from Small, Medium & Large and even Non Profits depend on various pieces of technology in order to operate. The technology used encompasses: Workstation Computers Servers Modems Routers Ethernet Cabling Wireless Access Points VOIP Telephone solutions Backup Solutions Software Security Solutions – Don’t get hacked! Training Mobile Technology and everything in between As Read full article…

tech showdown

Smart Phones vs Tablets vs Laptops vs Desktops

Technology has been advancing at an incredible rate over the years. It seems as though the second you buy a piece of tech, something new comes out the next day. With so many devices that can do similar things, the question is where should you invest your tech budget? In this article I will cover Read full article…

Updating ios 9

How to Update Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9

Apple just released their latest operating system for their iPhones and iPads. If you do a quick search on the net, you will find horror stories of failed updates. This is familiar territory since something similar happened with IOS 8. In this article I will give you the best way to update your IOS Devices Read full article…


Windows, Mac OS X & Linux

For years, you have been watching the battle of the operating systems rage on as Microsoft¬†and Apple¬†have done everything from airing comical commercials too trying to one up eachother in various ways with their vast custom features that link all their devices in their ecosystem. You might have come to believe that Windows is the Read full article…


1 Billion Websites Online, Almost

WWW Born on Aug 6, 1991 At the time of this writing there are currently close to 925 Million Websites live on the internet. By the end of 2014 there will be 1 Billion Websites online. How did it all begin? The first website was put online on August 6th, 1991. It was built at Read full article…


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