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JavaScript Intro

JavaScript is the most widely used scripting language on the web. This JavaScript tutorial teaches you what you need to know to get started with JavaScript.

JavaScript is a client side scripting language that works in conjunction with HTML to add dynamic features to a website.

JavaScript is also part of the trifecta of languages used for front end development. You will most likely already know how to work with HTML and CSS. It’s recommended that you have a solid grasp of those two languages first since JavaScript is mostly used for working with the DOM aka Document Object Model and altering the DOM by utilizing CSS amongst other purposes.

JavaScript enables web developers & designers to build more functional and interactive websites.

Typical Usage:

  • Dynamic Dropdown Menus
  • Client Side Form Validation
  • Altering the DOM
  • Popup Forms
  • Keeping the Date/time current
  • JavaScript can also be used on the server side with NodeJS
  • and so much more

What Do You Need for JavaScript Development?

All you need is the same tools you’ve been using for HTML and CSS.

  • a Computer
  • a Text Editor like Atom or VS Code
  • a Developer friendly web browser like Chrome or Firefox

In the upcoming tutorials, I’ll show you the basics first, and then we’ll cover more advanced uses of JavaScript.

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