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Bootstrap Intro

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can prototype your ideas or build your entire web app with Sass variables and mixins, a responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.

Bootstrap 4+ is the newest version of Bootstrap; with new components, faster stylesheet and more responsiveness.
Bootstrap 4+ supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. However, Internet Explorer 9 and down is not supported.

Why Use Bootstrap?

As mentioned above, you can create your projects much faster by using a framework like Bootstrap. Instead of writing all the code from scratch, you can take advantage of all the front end functionality built into Bootstrap.

Should you still learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery?

Absolutely, it’s always recommended to learn the fundamentals of a coding language first. This will make it easier for you to understand exactly what’s happening when you use a framework like Bootstrap and also how to change some of the functionality for your specific project.

What can you do with Bootstrap?

Bootstrap comes with a lot of functionality already coded for you. It has:

  • CSS Classes
  • Alerts
  • Button Effects
  • Carousel
  • Collapse effects
  • Dropdown functionality
  • Modals
  • Popover
  • Scrollspy
  • Tooltips
  • and more

Using a framework like Bootstrap is also a great way to streamline your workflow. Coding all the functionality yourself can take days, weeks and months. Maintaining all that code can take a long time as well. This means that you will often have to charge your clients more because of the added time to develop. By using a front end framework, you can significantly reduce your development time and charge accordingly which will make you more competitive.

WordPress and Bootstrap 4

In one of my projects called DevWP, I combine Bootstrap the most popular front end framework along with WordPress the most popular Content Management System aka CMS to create a highly functional WordPress Theme with Bootstrap.

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