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What To Look For in a WordPress Theme – A Developers Perspective

My Thoughts on Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress Theme can be difficult with all the options available. In the video above which is from my YouTube Channel, I share my thinking of what people should look for in a WordPress Theme.

When choosing a WordPress Theme, you have literally, thousands of options to choose from. You have a lot of high quality free themes on the official WordPress Website and you also have thousands of Premium WordPress Themes with various types of features and functionality which you can find on a multitude of providers from independent freelance developers like myself or larger third party websites which feature themes from a large group of developers.

As for my offerings, I sell 3 Premium WordPress Themes, EVO Pro, Agent IDX and DevWP which is both a Production ready theme which you can use to power your website and also, it’s a training theme that I’m using to teach other theme developers, how to code a Premium WordPress Theme using Underscores, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome and custom code to provide a high quality theme to learn from.

Some important considerations when choosing a WordPress Theme are:

As a WordPress Theme & Plugin Developer with years of experience working with WordPress Powered Websites & creating custom WordPress Solutions, I’ve found that these are some of the most vital things to look for in a WordPress Theme.

  • Layout Options
  • Color Scheme
  • SEO Readiness
  • Social Media Sharing & Connection Options
  • HTML5 Semantic Markup
  • Theme Customizer Options
  • Responsive Design is a must

WordPress Themes, Both Free & Premium

Free WordPress Themes

Free options are a great choice for the vast majority of website owners. Spend some time navigating the various options on You can search based on features that most interest you and you can narrow down your list based on your niche and other factors.

Premium WordPress Themes

Now if you want to look at options other than those offered from the official WordPress Repository, that’s where it can often be a tough choice. As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of third party providers both small and large that offer WordPress Themes for sale.

The difference between the Free and Premium Themes is that unlike with the Free Themes, you often don’t get to download a Premium theme to test it out before deciding if it’s right for you. In this case you would be depending on the demo content provided, reviews and sources to determine if it would be a wise investment.

I recommend depending heavily on the demo content, documentation pages, video demonstrations and third party testing tools, to determine if the theme is the right choice.

DevWP WordPress Development Theme

DevWP is a theme that I created with the goal of teaching other WordPress Theme Developers, how to code a WordPress Theme using some of the best tools from Underscores, Bootstrap 4 and custom code.

One of the many coding video tutorials I created has been well received on YouTube.

If you’re looking to learn how to code a WordPress Theme or want a theme designed & developed by a WordPress Developer who actively creates video demonstrations, then DevWP is a great choice since it’s only $10 and is coded with HTML5 Semantic Markup, SEO, Social Media, Responsive Design & more, all in mind.

Choose Your WordPress Theme Wisely

Choosing a WordPress Theme can be difficult but with the right research, you will find it’s not that hard to narrow down your list of potential themes to use from free & paid options.

I hope you found this article and video helpful, if you did, join the community by subscribing & sharing this with others.

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