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Twitter Facts

Twitter Facts

Things to know about Twitter
We know that Twitter is one of the most popular Social Media websites. Now let’s talk about some facts you might not have known.

Did you know?

  1. Twitter was Born on March 21, 2006 and  Launched in July 15, 2006
  2. Twitters Page Authority is 97, Domain Authority is 100 and has 23 million links in total.
  3. Every second there are 6,710 Tweets tweeted.
  4. Twitters IPO Price per Share was $26 and is now $51 and Projected to increase to $75
  5. Twitter Market Cap is $30 Billion.
  6. There are currently 260 million active Twitter users vs 415 Million Google+ users vs 1.2+ Billion Facebook Users.
  7. Instagram has more Twitter Followers (31.4 million) than Twitter itself has (29.4million)
  8. Twitter is in the Top 10 Most visited Websites
  9. Twitter uses the Ruby on Rails Framework
  10. Katy Perry (51.5 million followers, 5,440 tweets and following 133 people) has the most twitter followers with Justin Bieber (50.4 million, 26,300 tweets and following 125,000 people) in second place.

So what can we learn from these facts?

  1. That your idea can be worth BILLIONS in less than a decade!
  2. That sometimes you might not be the King in your own home. See point number 7 above.
  3. That maybe you should buy Twitter Stock. Maybe!
  4. What coding language to learn if you want to work at Twitter.
  5. That the top 1% have the lion share of followers.

I hope you enjoyed this Completely Random Facts Post about Twitter. Stay Tuned for our next Random Fact Post about hmmm. Not sure yet. Stay Tuned.

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