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The Art of SEO – Book

The Art of SEO – Book

Are you looking to learn more about SEO? The answer is probably yes. One of the many books that I have read that is still one of the best reads is The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice). This book receives 4 and a half stars on Amazon and can be purchased either Digitally for your kindle device or as a regular book.

Who Should read this book?

Everyone who is interested in developing a serious SEO Foundation. Did you know that SEO services can cost anywhere from $500 to Several Thousand Dollars per month? The reason why it costs so much is because There are a lot of moving parts in the search engine optimization world. Most people find it easier just to pay a pro. But with this book and some intense studying, you can become that pro and potentially save your self a substantial amount of money.

Who Shouldn’t read this book?

Someone who is too busy to devout significant time to learning the Art of SEO. It’s not for everyone. Sometimes it’s better just to find someone who can do it for you. The benefit there is you can spend more time on your business and focus on making money. If this is you then feel free to contact me and I will set you up with my SEO Foundation Package that will get you started.

About The Book

This is not an easy read since it does total over 716 pages in length. But having this much information will help you build a rock solid SEO Foundation. It takes you from the basics to the more advanced aspects of SEO. It gives you insight into how people use the search engines and what does and doesn’t work. You will also learn a great deal about how to analyze your web traffic and determine what needs to be enhanced or fine tuned.

It was written in 2012 but don’t let the year hold you back from making a purchase. Yes the Algorithms have changed some but the fundamentals should be your primary focus and that’s what this book will teach you.

I purchased the Kindle edition as it is less expensive and is easier to carry around. Personally I have read the book 2 times cover to cover and use it as a reference.

Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate so clicking the link to the book will take you to Amazon and if you do decide to purchase the book I will make a few pennies. Your cost for the book does not increase. The price is the same either way. I only recommend books that I have read and find to be of high quality. This Book I highly recommend. I have read others but I find this one to be superior. 

Thank you for reading and if you found it useful feel free to share.

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