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Renting Vs Owning Pro’s and Con’s

Renting Vs Owning Pro’s and Con’s

Do you consider yourself a Renter or an Owner?

Pro’s of being a Renter

  • Renters typically don’t pay that much per month
  • Renters downpayment isn’t that much in comparison to owning
  • Renters don’t need to worry as much about maintaining their property

Con’s of being a Renter

  • Renters spend money monthly that they will never get back in the form of equity
  • Renters don’t have the Pride of Ownership
  • Renters can’t easily customize their property

Pro’s of Ownership

  • Owners own their property
  • Owners gain equity in their property
  • Owners can customize their property and make it theirs

Cons of Ownership

  • Owners typically put up a larger downpayment
  • Owners own their property and have to maintain it

So which do you consider yourself?

Did you know that Owning your Own Website has the same benefits as owning your own home!

The benefits of owning your own website far outweighs renting a website.

Did you know that owning a website is actually less expensive than renting one.

Renting a Website typically costs around $70 to $150 per month, depending on what platform you use.

Owning a website can cost as little as:

  • the cost of a domain name which is $10 per year
  • Hosting which starts at under $5 per month.
  • If you are a Realtor and need and IDX Solution then you can get that for $39.99 and not pay any setup fee with my Developer Link -> IDX Broker powered by PixemWeb

Takeaway :

Now that you know the benefits of owning a Website are the same as owning a home while actually costing less per month, what’s holding you back from owning your very own website?

You might say I can’t afford a Web Designer to create my site. That’s where WordPress, a Premium Theme and a few Premium Plugins come in. You can actually have a WordPress powered website with a free theme and plugins and it will look awesome if you use the right ones. Or you can buy a Premium Theme and Plugins for a few hundred dollars and learn how to set it all up or you can have us setup your WordPress + PixemWeb powered website and it will rock!

We use the Genesis Framework along with their Child Themes on our client websites or we use our own home grown Premium Theme. We also add some of the best Premium Plugins that we have Developer licenses for that if purchased separately would cost you around $1,000. View Demos Here

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