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WordPress Chrome Issue

Issue with Chrome 45 Causes WordPress Admin Menu to Break

Over the past few weeks there has been an issue with the WordPress Admin Sidebar when viewed using the Chrome Browser. The Links have been causing random display issues and has been a frustration for me and for others that use WordPress.

This is not a WordPress bug or issue, this is an issue with the Chrome Browser. Specifically Chrome 45. As noted on WP Tavern the issue has been around for a while and a temporary fix is available.

The development team at Chrome is already working on an update to resolve the issue but in the mean time you can apply a simple fix.

Steps to fix Chrome / WordPress Issue

Open your Chrome Browser and paste this in the url bar chrome://flags/#disable-slimming-paint it will take you directly to where it says “Disable Slimming Paint” Just click on the link to fix it and then relaunch your browser.

This should resolve the issue of the WordPress Admin Sidebar with the Chrome Browser.

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