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Creating Your Own Path

Creating Your Own Path

It has been said many times, “Find a Mentor and follow their steps”. This is rooted in the belief that you can learn a great deal from another persons experiences. You can emulate what works and avoid the things that don’t.

I typically find this to be sound advice. You can find someone who you may know or identify someone to look up too as your role model. It might be someone living or someone from history that inspires you.

There is one thing that I find wrong with this belief. If all you do is emulate, copy and mirror someone else, can you truly be a trail blazer?

To bring this point home, take a picture that you really like, now make a copy of it and see how it compares. Can a copy of an original ever be as good as theĀ original?

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Now I don’t mean ignore what other successful people have accomplished, just don’t let their life path be yours. You most likely have an idea or vision that if allowed, could be life changing to you and others. If that is the case then break out your machete and blaze your own path. If that’s not the case then it’s time to break free from the shackles that are holding you back and ignite that passion that you once had.

Get Motivated, Get Focused, Don’t be Realistic, Don’t be Typical, Be Extraordinary because you are more than ordinary! Let the world know that you are here.

Life should not be like running on a treadmill. Run Free!!!


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