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How to use YouTube and WordPress for SEO

How to use YouTube and WordPress for SEO

Promote your YouTube videos on your WordPress powered website

As a content marketer we are always trying to find ways to make sure that people find our content. Some of us create blog posts where we keep our viewers updated on what’s taking place within our industry. Some of us create videos that we post on YouTube in order to share our thoughts and ideas with the hope of people viewing them.

This article is going to cover how you can use both YouTube and your website which should be powered by WordPress for greater SEO. If you’re creating a YouTube video and want to ensure that it does well within the YouTube algorithm then it makes sense to also write a blog post about the same topic and then embed the video inside of your article so once they are done reading the blog post they can also view your YouTube video about the same topic.

This will give you the added benefit of having google adsense on both the YouTube videos and on your website, this is a great way to increase your earnings.

Since a lot of YouTube professionals will recommend that you script out your videos in advanced, it makes sense to draft up a blog post about the topic of your video and uses that as your script. That way when you publish your video you can embed it inside your blog post.

The basics of a good search engine optimization campaign is to create high quality content on a consistent basis. That way your users will have a reason to come back to your website and spend more time reading your articles, this will decrease your bounce rate and this sends a signal to google that people enjoy reading your articles. Also by creating high quality content on a consistent basis you will give the search engines a lot of pages to index and this will help your long-term SEO strategy.

Another benefit of promoting your YouTube videos on your WordPress powered website is your videos will do better in the YouTube search engine. This is called YouTube SEO.

While this may double your workload, in the long run, your videos and blog posts will do better in both the google search engine and YouTube search engine which will ultimately benefit you both financially and help identify you as a reputable source in your industry.

Once you get the hang of both blogging and vlogging, you will find that it becomes easier. It’s like developing a new habit, it just takes time.

Hopefully you found this article to be hopeful and enjoyed watching the video, if so feel free to share, like, comment and subscribe.

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