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Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?

Why Use WordPress for Your Website

If you are a Business Owner, Realtor or anyone who needs a Professional Website to market your service or product, then you have many options to choose from.

Customized Solution

You can choose any of the Enterprise Solutions by some big name companies that will create a CMS Website to your specifications. This type of website can cost typically tens of thousands of dollars.

Subscription Based Solution

You can also choose to subscribe to one of the many platforms that will charge you monthly for their proprietary platform. Note: If you ever choose to change platforms or migrate your website, you might find on the best case scenario to be difficult and on the worst case scenario to be impossible.

WordPress Solution

That is why WordPress is the best solution for 99% of business’s out there. If you think this is an overstatement or that you need something more robust then check out who uses WordPress.

  1. The Wall Street Journal
  2. The New York Times
  3. CNN
  4. Best Buy
  5. Ebay
  6. Sony
  7. Mashable
  8. Tech Crunch
  9. Ford
  10. People Magazine
  11. Xerox
  12. Pepsi

Those are just a few of the Big Name Companies that cater to millions of visitors monthly, require high level security and some that are Fortune 500 Companies.

WordPress and You

So let’s talk about what WordPress can do for you. WordPress is an Open Source Platform. That means it’s free software to use and is continuously being updated by an extremely large developer community. Roughly 66% of companies that require a robust Content Management System (CMS) use WordPress.

Free Themes

You can head over to and pick a free theme and you are ready to go. All you really need is a hosting account, domain name and your good to go. WordPress has thousands of free themes for you to choose from.

Premium Themes

Maybe you need some unique features or elements on your website that might not be available on the WordPress Repository. Premium Themes most often provides added features, frequent updates and most importantly faster support.

WordPress Developer

Finally you can choose to work with a WordPress Developer. This is what business’s that really want to make a lasting impression choose. With us for example, we will do an interview with you to identify what your goals are. We will then choose the right course of action based on your goals and your budget.


How much can a WordPress Website Cost when a developer gets involved? Prices vary greatly. For instance we could set you up with one of the best Frameworks, Child Themes and Plugins on the market for around $500. Awesome Price for most individuals or small business’s.  Mind you this option will give you access to some serious themes and plugins with support provided by us. Now if you want a completely customized solution, our starting price is $2,500 and goes up from there.

Getting Started

First thing you need is a Domain Name & Hosting Account. Purchase Here. Then you need to decide what makes sense for you and your business. It’s best for us to have a chat to discuss your current needs and future goals. Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you about Jump Starting your Website.

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