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WordPress Offers a lot out of the box and you can find some amazing Free WordPress Themes and Plugins from the Official WordPress Website.

WordPress can also be customized and enhanced with Premium Themes and Plugins purchased from third party providers. I have made the investment in a suite of Premium Themes and Plugins that I can use on my client’s website. The advantage to my clients is they don’t pay extra, get Premium Features, Functionality & Add-Ons and don’t have to pay an ongoing yearly fee.

Premium WordPress Themes

I work with two frameworks and my custom WordPress Theme and you can learn more by visiting this page. Premium WordPress Themes

The themes include the Genesis Framework, Equity Real Estate Framework and my very own, Evo Pro.

Premium WordPress Plugins

There are many plugins that I use when building a client’s website and a few of them are Premium Solutions. As mentioned above, my clients benefit from these plugins at no extra cost. I purchased the proper license from the original developers that allow me to install these Premium themes and plugins on my client’s site and my client’s get all the updates, right in their dashboard without having to pay a yearly fee to continue receiving updates.

Do It Yourself

While most people find great value in saving money and time by having me professionally install and configure the various themes and plugins, sometimes people would rather purchase everything on their own.

The cost savings of having me do it is significant. My fee is $500 and no yearly fee versus the potential $1,200 initial cost if purchasing everything on your own and the yearly fee to keep receiving updates. That’s a $700 Savings when I set things up.

Here are the links that you can use to purchase each premium solution.

Note: These are my Partner or Affiliate Links and I will receive a small commision if you use them to make a purchase. This does not affect your price and helps me keep the lights on.

Can I Just Buy The Plugins or Themes Directly from PixemWeb?

Evo Pro is my Premium WordPress Theme and you can directly purchase it from this website. The other Premium Plugins and Themes are from other developers and the license agreement allows me to install & configure them on my clients websites and my client’s receive all the updates directly in their dashboard.

Support for the Themes & Plugins are provided by me which is great since I’ve spent years working with these various solutions. You get the benefit of my expertise which saves you time and money.

Since they are from third party developers, I can’t just directly sell them. This would be a violation of the license agreement I have with them. So when you order a Website Setup with me, it’s a full service purchase and that’s how I can install these solutions on your website. It’s a win win scenario. If you want to purchase these options on your own, the links are above.

Hopefully you see the value in having me provide you with a Full Service WordPress Website Setup. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below.

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