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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts – Video Demo Included

Blogging has become a favorite past time for those who enjoy sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas with the world but want to share it on a platform they control, not just social media.

Some bloggers blog religiously and others blog less frequently but if you enjoy blogging and want to become more efficient when you’re drafting that next amazing post for the world to enjoy, here are some of the Keyboard Shortcuts you can use with WordPress so you don’t have to go hunting around for that icon to click.

I’m a big fan of using keyboard shortcuts and while the learning curve can be slow at first, once you invest some time into learning the most important ones, you will find it speeds up your writing process.

Also, at the end of this article there’s a YouTube Video that demonstrates the usage of these shortcuts so if you want to jump ahead and take a look at the video, scroll down to the bottom.

Here are the most important WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Shift Alt H will bring up the Keyboard shortcuts helper box. This will give you a list of all the shortcuts available to use.
  • Control or Command C is a basic one. It copies whatever you select.
  • Control or Command V pastes whatever you selected.
  • Control or Command A selects all the content.
  • Control or Command X will cut the selection to your clipboard so you can then paste it wherever you choose.
  • Control or Command Z will undo the most recent edit.
  • Control or Command Y will redo something you just undid.
  • Control or Command B will bold a selection.
  • Control or Command I will italicize a selection.
  • Control or Command U will underline a selection.
  • Control or Command K will insert a link.

The next selections are for the Shift ALT Keys

  • Shift ALT L aligns a selection left
  • Shift ALT J justifies text
  • Shift ALT C Aligns text to center
  • Shift ALT R Aligns text to the right
  • Shift ALT D Strikes though text
  • Shift ALT U creates an un-ordered list
  • Shift ALT A Inserts a link
  • Shift ALT S removes a link
  • Shift ALT Q creates a Quote
  • Shift ALT M Insert an Image
  • Shift ALT W enters distraction free mode
  • Shift ALT T Inserts a more tag
  • Shift ALT P Inserts a page break tag
  • Shift ALT X add or remove the Code Tag
  • Shift ALT 1 is for the Heading 1 Tag
  • Shift ALT 2 is for the Heading 2 Tag
  • Shift ALT 3 is for the Heading 3 Tag
  • Shift ALT 4 is for the Heading 4 Tag
  • Shift ALT 5 is for the Heading 5 Tag
  • Shift ALT 6 is for the Heading 6 Tag
  • Shift ALT 7 is for the Paragraph Tag
  • Shift ALT 8 inserts a div Tag
  • Shift ALT 9 inserts the Address Tag

The next section is for Formatting Shortcuts

  • * Starts an un-ordered list
  • – also starts an un-ordered list
  • 1. starts an ordered list
  • 1) also starts an ordered list
  • ## is for H2
  • ### is for H3
  • #### is for H4
  • ##### is for h5
  • ######is for H6
  • > will transform text into a blockquote
  • — is for a horizontal line
  • Using the ` mark and then your text followed by another tic mark will create a code block

YouTube Demonstration of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to checkout the video I created that walks you through these keyboard shortcuts, check it out below. Also, Subscribe to my channel since I will be uploading other useful videos dedicated to WordPress. Subscribe for more YouTube WordPress Tutorials

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