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What is Page Authority

What is Page Authority

In the previous post we spoke about Domain Authority which is a metric used to determine the value of an entire website. Now lets touch on Page Authority which is another metric that focus’s on the strength of a specific webpage.

Similar to domain authority, your page authority is vital in determining the ability of a specific page to rank well in the search engines.

Page Authority is vital for the specific page and for the entire website. Basically, the higher each of your pages and posts authority, the higher your Domain Authority will be.

How to increase Page Authority?

The rules are simple, focus on creating a Page or Post that provides valuable information that other sites will link to. Also make sure you share your page or post with other bloggers and social media websites. This will increase the likely hood of gaining visitors and links.

What’s more important, DA or PA?

They are both important metrics to pay attention to. Your domain authority will increase as the strength of each of your pages increase.

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