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Keywords in the Title Tag – SEO

Keywords in the Title Tag – SEO

Today I want to talk about search engine optimization strategies, Google’s ranking factors and keywords in the title tag and if that still something that you should be concerned about.

As a website owner, obviously you want your website to rank well within the search engines and there are over 200+ known and speculated ranking factors that Google uses to determine the position of a website within the search engines results page.

Today’s topic of conversation is about keywords in the title tag and based on the information that we have this is indeed a significant SEO ranking factor for you to consider.

It is important to have a well formatted title tag for your article or blog post so that way when a person visits the search engines and types out a search query with their potential keyword phrase that you would be using within your website, you will have the potential to rank better and find that the person may click through to your website since the keywords are within the title itself and Google uses the title of an article or website as a clickable link within the search engine results page.

Obviously you want to have multiple factors working together when it comes to your on page search engine optimization strategy and these factors include your title tag, meta description and on page content.

By making sure that these three factors complement each other you well be providing information to both the search engines and the user about the content on your webpage that matches what they were searching for.

You do not want to spam the search engines by filling your website or article with irrelevant keywords just to get clicks to your website because this would send a negative ranking signal to Google since the person will most likely leave your website very quickly and this increases your bounce rate which is another ranking factor that we will be talking about in another article.

It is recommended that your title tag for your website or article be between 50 to 60 characters in length and a well formatted phrase with the keywords included. Another benefit to having properly formatted title tags is that if a mother website links to your article they will most often use the title tag as the clickable link. This is another potential benefit for your search engine optimization strategy since the anchor text will match the title of the article and the content within that specific article itself.

I also shared the sensor in a YouTube video that I created on my channel and if you’re interested in viewing the information, then check out the video and if you find it useful give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.

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