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Keywords in your Domain Name for SEO

Keywords in your Domain Name for SEO

In this series, I am covering the 200 plus known and speculated ranking factors that Google uses to determine which websites to rank higher in the search results. Some of these topics are known to be a factor and others are assumed to be factors since they have been either tested or websites have been analyzed to determine what are probable factors.

In this article I will be covering the impact of Keywords in your Domain Name for for your SEO aka Search Engine Optimization efforts. I put together a video for you to view and see what impact this factor has.

In the video I talk about how keywords in your domain name can be a minor factor for Google but I also highlight that it is not a major one. As always, I will try and embed in your mind that the Foundation of SEO is easy.

  • Well coded website
  • loads fast in the browser
  • high quality content
  • content created on a consistent basis
  • a lot of social signals on the main social websites

If you follow the basics, you will eventually do well within the search engines. These other factors are minor but sometimes they can and will give you the edge you might need to rank higher in the search results.

What does a keyword or words look like in a domain name?

When you choose a name for your website, you should typically determine in advance what your niche is going to be. Let’s use Real Estate for an example. If you’re a realtor then you probably serve a local population. So you can use your city name in your domain name like¬†this makes sense considering the fact that a person looking for real estate in your area would type out a search phrase in the search bar. FYI, if you’re a realtor then you should also get IDX which enables you to list every property for sale that’s listed on your MLS. As a Developer Partner for IDX Broker, I can share with you my discount link that saves you $99 on the setup. Discount for IDX

So that’s basically what a keyword or keywords in your domain name look like.

Definitely checkout the video since I give more examples on how this works.

Hopefully you enjoyed this article. Feel free to leave your comments below or reach out if you have any questions.

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