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As a WordPress Developer, it’s important that you keep your code up to date. The reason is simple, you want to make sure that you’re theme continues to work with WordPress and in all modern web browsers. Also, people may be using your theme on their website, so it’s important that you ensure it continues to be supported. You should never abandon your theme or code.

Keeping your code up to date is also important for the security of your website along with the websites of anyone using your code or theme. In the video above, I demonstrate updates I’ve made to the DevWP WordPress Development Training Theme. I show you all the code so you can easily copy it and use it in your projects.

If you’ve already purchased the DevWP WordPress Theme for just $10, thank you and you’ll be getting the updated version within the next 24 hours.

If you haven’t seen the foundational tutorial video for DevWP, view it here. DevWP Video

What’s New in DevWP?

In the video above, I go through the process of updating the Bootstrap 4 CSS and JavaScript files to the latest versions used by Bootstrap. I also remove tether support since it’s no longer used and I added Popper.js locally to our website instead of calling it in from a CDN.

I also updated the version of jQuery used by DevWP but I did it in a way that doesn’t impact the WordPress Admin Dashboard.  I also updated some of the CSS in the main stylesheet to incorporate updates in the Underscores Starter Theme.

Responsive Video Enhanced

I also improved the way embedded videos are displayed on the front end by making it fully responsive and look great in all screen sizes. When you place a YouTube Video or an iframe in a page or post, it can end up looking distorted on smaller screens. Hence why I chose to code a solution for an improved user experience.

Using a Diff Checker

I also demonstrate how to use the Meld Merge Diff Checker to compare files and folders for changes. This is useful if you’ve already copied the code from the previous videos or if you’ve purchased the DevWP WordPress Theme and want to easily view the changes instead of hunting them down. The diff checker is a free tool and streamlines your workflow when analyzing changes in files and folders. I use it to research changes in the WordPress Core, themes and plugins. It’s a great way to learn and improve your code.

Why Learn WordPress Theme Development with DevWP?

WordPress powers around 30% of the modern web. This means that millions of websites are using WordPress. As a theme developer, you can make some passive income by selling themes. You can create niche specific themes or multipurpose themes that meet the needs of everyday blogs to business websites.

If you’ve already purchased a Premium WordPress Theme and want to learn how it works, then my videos will be a great way to learn how WordPress Code works and the underlying languages that go with it like:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

DevWP will always be kept up to date and all code will be shared via YouTube Videos so I can explain what the code or changes does. If you want to support my efforts, head on over to DevWP and invest $10. Get DevWP

Learn for Free on YouTube

On my YouTube Channel PixemWeb I teach people how to code and I also showcase the best themes and plugins you should consider using on your website. There are also videos on SEO, Social Media and more.

Learning from videos is one of the best ways to ensure you get a full comprehension of what’s being demonstrated. So check out my channel and let’s connect.

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