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50 Real Estate Blogging Ideas

What should you blog about?

It is common knowledge that in order to generate online leads and increase your conversion rate it is important that you generate quality content that you can then share with your sphere, database, social connections and everyone in between.

Your goal should be the local expert of your community.

The problem is, how do you find a quality idea to blog about, write the content that will be of value to your site visitors, find the photos for the post and market it to the online world? That’s a tall order and is actually a full time job itself.

Quick tip, if you have the resources to hire a Virtual Assistant who has a background in real estate and copywriting, it will be an amazing investment to hire that person to deal with this very topic.

In this post I will give you some ideas to blog about. Just make sure you choose the topics that interest you and obviously your site visitors.

Your Local Market

  1. Local Events – This is not normally covered by your typical Real Estate Agent and can help gain consistent traffic to your website as people want to stay current on local events. Also might be a good way to earn quality links to your website. You can even use an Event Calendar to make it easier for your readers.
  2. Local Business Reviews – This is rarely done but this one idea can help you greatly. Go interview the owner of the best Pizza Shop in your area then write a review about it. This can create a new connection with you and the owner that can potentially lead to increased business by word of mouth and everybody loves Pizza.
  3. Neighborhood Review – Every neighborhood has it’s own character. Get a good local map, identify the best neighborhoods that have the most real estate activity and write a blog about that neighborhood. Take nice pictures and maybe even interview a local resident with your smart phone. I suggest the smart phone because big video productions are expensive and for a neighborhood interview that’ll last maybe 2 mins, a smart phone is actually preferred. Seems more real.
  4. Luxury Properties – Go to the ritziest neighborhood and find the most expensive property that is on the MLS and talk about why this home is worth so much. Talk features, amenities and highlight key aspects of the area that lend to the high value of the homes.
  5. Inexpensive Properties – This time find the most affordable area in your market and do a blog talking about how this is a great opportunity for renters to become homeowners.
  6. Best Valued Homes – Find the properties that are priced right for a quick sale and write a blog post about the top 10 Best Valued Homes in your market.
  7. Schools – Parents are always looking for information about the local schools. Make this easy for them by doing a thorough blog post of the schools in your area and even provide vital information like telephone numbers and any meetings that the school may have.
  8. Property Taxes – What has the past 5 year trend been like for Property Taxes and what can you expect in the future.
  9. Jobs – How is the local job market? This is a factor for some people and something that rarely gets covered.
  10. Crime Stats – Most local police departments provide crime stats that could be useful for a buyer.
  11. Transportation – Blog about the various ways people can get around your area. Trains, Buses, Highways, Bike Paths etc.

Local Hot Spots

  1. Restaurants – Where are the best places to eat in your community? Share your insight with a blog post and make sure you let the owner know so they can possibly share your positive review with their patrons.
  2. Parks – People love to know about the local parks and any activities that might be taking place. Some parks have concerts in the summer and other types of activities like movies in the park.
  3. Theaters – Are there any theaters that people can go to to see a show? Write about what types of shows have been performed there and what are the current and future shows.
  4. Coffee – America Runs on Coffee!
  5. Nightlife – Where can people go to dance, or see a comedy show or even just your local bar. This is a topic that most people overlook.

Real Estate Buyers Resource

  1. First Time Home Buyers Tips – Buying your first home can be stressful but with a detailed list of what the process is like and what will be needed, your buyer clients will be grateful.
  2. Buyers Questions Answered – You get a lot of questions from buyers and most of them are similar. Write a blog post of the Top 10 Buyers Questions answered in advance. This will save you time in the long run.
  3. Relocation – People move from all over and sometimes need to be brought up to speed on relocating tips for your area.
  4. Mortgages – Even though cash buyers are increasing, the vast majority of people still need to get a home loan to buy a home. Interview a Mortgage Specialist.
  5. Property Inspections – Explain the value of getting a property thoroughly inspected by a pro.
  6. Lawyers – A good Lawyer is worth it. Interview a Real Estate Lawyer.
  7. Renting vs Buying – Highlight the benefits of owning a home. Like tax deductions and appreciation.
  8. Real Estate Buyers Agent – Explain the value of having a professional guide you through the process of buying a home. Highlight that buying Real Estate is possibly the largest investment a person ever makes. 2nd only to having kids.

Real Estate Sellers Resource

  1. How to Price a Home – Pricing a home is different in most markets. Prices vary based on a bunch of factors. Inform your readers about the importance of pricing their property right the first time so they can have a quick sale for top dollar. Explain how buyers look at a lot of homes before making a decision.
  2. Renovation Tips – Sometimes a seller needs to renovate to protect the value of their home. This happens in older homes in an area where new homes have been built. Also write about how not to over renovate or where to find great deals on supplies for home improvements.
  3. Staging – Let your readers know that first impressions matter. So make sure to have the property staged properly to show off the best features of the home.
  4. Landscaping – Cut the grass and trim the hedges.
  5. Open Houses – Write a post about what to expect during an open house.
  6. After the Closing – This is a key topic. Most people don’t have a real plan on what to do after the sale. Where will they move? How will they time the move etc.


  1. Local Trends – Is it a buyers market? then write about it. Is it a sellers market? Then write about that. Write about what the future might hold for your area. A great resource is your local government.
  2. Mass Influx – Is a big company moving to your area? This will mean more people. Write about that.
  3. Mass Exodus – Are people leaving your area? Why? Sometimes this is a plus if the buyer wants to live in a secluded area.

Healthy Lifestyle Topics

  1. Local Gyms – Find all the main gyms in the area and blog about them. The cost of the memberships etc. Make sure you highlight the low cost and high cost gyms and the difference between them.
  2. Healthy Restaurants – Make a list of all the best healthy places to eat in your market.
  3. Activities – Some areas are known for Marathons, Biking Events, Triathlons, Baseball teams, fishing etc. This is good information to provide your readers.


  1. Interview a local Celebrity – Every town and city has one
  2. Interview a local Lawyer – Legal Tips
  3. Interview a Banker – Finance Tips
  4. Interview a past buyer client – Buyers like to see that people liked your service.
  5. Interview a past selling client – Sellers like to see that people liked your service.

Your Listings

  1. New Listings – Highlight your freshest listings with Pictures and Video.
  2. Open Houses – Market your Open Houses 2 weeks in advance with blog posts, emails, social media etc.
  3. Price Decreases – Buyers love a sale.

Your Brand

  1. Your Company – Blog about how your company can provide the advantage for buyers and sellers.
  2. Yourself – You are a Brand. Highlight your experience, credentials and provide testimonials.
  3. Your Career Choice – People like working with someone who is passionate about their career path.
  4. Your Style of Work – Explain how you work so people know what to expect.
  5. Marketing Techniques – Is your website on page 1 of google? Sellers want their home to be found online. Do you market via social media? DO you do email campaigns or direct mail?

Guest Bloggers

  1. When out of ideas or carpal tunnel sets in, invite local bloggers to write guest posts on your website. This will ensure fresh content for your readers which will keep them coming back. Note: don’t let just anyone blog on your site. Make sure they write well and will add value to your website.

That’s all Folks!

I hope you enjoyed these 50 Blogging tips for Real Estate.

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