Evo is Always Evolving

When I created this theme, i spent a lot of time thinking about what are the pain points that Business’ and Bloggers have when it comes to their website. A lot cam to mind.  From the cost of the website to the styling and functionality of the site. There are a ton of things to consider.

Evo Pro gives you a tremendous amount of value. It is a fully responsive website with an easy to use navigation systems that also integrates ways for people to connect with you on your social networks and also for them to share your content with their friends and family.

What about updates? We made sure that we kept the user experience just like WordPress when it comes to updates. When we issue an update you will receive a notification on your admin area that the theme has an update. All you have to do is click the update button and it will automatically update to the latest version of the theme.

You can make amazing slide shows or galleries with the inclusion of Soliloquy and Envira. We hold the appropriate license that ensures you will always get the latest updates for these advanced plugins.

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