Why Evo Pro?

Evo Pro was built using some of the greatest tools. Underscores, Bootstrap & WordPress. But on top of that there are a lot of unique features that other themes might not have. We have the appropriate license to package SoliloquyContinue Reading

Premium Theme?

My answer may shock you. No you don’t need a Premium WordPress Theme. There are a tremendous amount of great looking themes in the WordPress Repository.  Often that is the first place that people go to when they get their firstContinue Reading

Choosing a Theme

When you finally decide to convert your website to WordPress, one of the first things you will have to do is choose a theme to represent the front end of your website. Here are somethings you will need to considerContinue Reading

Evo is Always Evolving

When I created this theme, i spent a lot of time thinking about what are the pain points that Business’ and Bloggers have when it comes to their website. A lot cam to mind.  From the cost of the websiteContinue Reading