Which Operating System Should I Use?

This is often a widely debated topic. There are 3 operating systems that people use.

  1. Windows is the most widely used operating system. Computers that use Windows tend to be more affordable than other options. The typical user is a regular person or business focused entity.
  2. MacOS is the second most widely used operating system. Apple is the company behind MacOS. The typical user is someone who enjoys the Apple ecosystem.
  3. Linux is the least used operating system on a consumer level but is actually the most widely used operating system for websites and web servers. The typical user is someone in the field of web development or development in general.

Which OS is Best?

Each operating system has its pro’s and con’s but generally, all will work well for local web design and development. Each one will be setup or configured differently but the end result will be a development environment that can be used for coding with a dynamic language like PHP which is what’s used by WordPress and a database like MySQL which is also what WordPress uses.

So use whatever computer you currently have. Don’t feel the need to go out and buy something new, unless it’s time for an upgrade.

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