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Which Operating System Should I Use?

This is often a widely debated topic. There are 3 operating systems that people use. Windows is the most widely used operating system. Computers that use Windows tend to be more affordable than other options. The typical user is a regular person or business focused entity. MacOS is the second most widely used operating system. Apple is the company behindContinue Reading

DevWP Re-Imagined

Welcome to the demo website for DevWP, a WordPress Development Training Theme. Developing a WordPress Theme is a way for you to take greater control of your website, sell WordPress Themes to the public and even create custom WordPress Themes for your clients. Theme Development is a great way to create ongoing, recurring revenue. This is also a great wayContinue Reading

Web Development Tools for WordPress Theme Development

When developing your WordPress Themes and Plugins, there are going to be a few tools that you will want to use. I have been developing custom themes for years and have compiled a list of tools that I use to improve my workflow. Time is money and you’re going to want to spend some time learning these tools early onContinue Reading

WordPress Theme Development – Underscores Starter Theme

When getting started with developing a WordPress theme, it’s always a good idea to start with a solid foundation that will ensure you’re coding with WordPress Coding Standards in mind and keeping up with overall best practices when it comes to creating websites that perform well online. I like using the Underscores Starter Theme since it is well coded andContinue Reading