DevWP is an advanced WordPress Development Training Theme that is used for both teaching and can also be used on a live website. It could be used as a simple blog layout or set to have a front page and blog roll page.

Some of the features include:

  • Large Hero Image with Call To Actions on the Front page and Blog roll page
  • Multiple Widget Ready locations.
  • Edge to Edge display or Centered Content display
  • Standard Navbar or Fixed Navbar
  • Sidebar Positioning can be set by default via the Customizer and overwritten via individual Posts and Pages
  • Custom Excerpt Length set via the Customizer

Various Layout options for both Posts and Pages with:

  • Default Content -> Sidebar
  • Left Sidebar -> Content
  • Full width – no sidebar

Social Media Connection & Sharing

  • Built in Menu for people to connect with you on Social Media
  • Built in Social Media Sharing Features so your readers can easily share your content with others.

Custom Functionality

  • Easily view all available short codes in the admin area
  • DevWP automatically adds SEO features to your newly embedded images like alt tags and descriptions
  • Sticky Sidebar when scrolling large articles
  • Scroll to top
  • Advanced Code Embed features to help you easily share your code with others
  • DevWP uses Bootstrap 4 but customizes how the navigation works with clickable top level drop down links and also hover effect for the drop down menus