Using the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Once you have WordPress installed on your web server, your database is connected and you followed the process of setting up your site, you can now log into your website and you will see the Admin Dashboard. The url to use is your domain with the login page appended to it. Example is or

You will see a Welcome Message from WordPress. Once you’ve read the welcome message you can dismiss it.

The WordPress Admin Panel consists of a few sections.

  • The Toolbar at the top of the panel
  • The Admin Menu on your left hand side
  • The Admin Main Area which is the largest section of the panel


The Toolbar provides you with some links that you can use to visit the front end of your website, view comments that need moderation or add a new post, page, media, user or custom post type if yo have any.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu which is on the left sidebar of your dashboard has three sections to it.

  1. The dashboard section where you access the dashboard and find notifications of updates to themes or plugins.
  2. The Content Management Section where you can manage Posts, Media, Pages, Comments and other features that Plugins might add.
  3. The Site Administration Section where you can manage the Appearance of your website, add plugins, Users, Configure your settings and other features that plugins might add like security, seo etc.

When you hover over any of the links in the Admin Menu, you might find some links that popup with additional options. If you click on any of the links they will take you to another section of the Admin dashboard.

You can also collapse the Admin Menu by clicking the collapse link.

Admin Panel

A cool feature of  the Admin Panel is you can customize it by dragging and dropping panel sections and using the screen options link. If you click any of the links in the Admin Menu section then your Admin Panel will display a new page with the features of that link that you pressed.


The WordPress Admin Dashboard is where you go to manage your website. You can upload new themes, plugins images, add posts and pages and configure your website to suit your needs.

Watch the video to get a quick run through.

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