How to Create a WordPress Post?

WordPress allows you to create various types of content, from Pages, to Posts and Custom Post Types which typically are added with Plugins.

A WordPress Post is an article that you publish on your website that is shown in reverse chronological order and is comprised of text, images or video that you want to be displayed in that particular post.

Posts can be part of a Category and Tagged to make it easy to group together your various types of content.

Creating a Post

You can create a New Post via the Admin Toolbar or the Admin Panel. Just click on the New link in the toolbar or visit the backend dashboard and click on the posts link. Then click add new.

When the Posts Page is displayed, you can start adding some content.

Where it says Enter Title Here, you will enter your Post Title. Under the title section you is your content section where you will add your text, images etc.

To the right you will see a few panels. Publish, Format, Categories, Tags and Featured Image if the theme supports it.

The Publish Panel allows you to choose the status, visibility, Publish timeframe, Move to Trash, Save Draft, Preview and Publish.


Adding a post to WordPress is really simple. The hardest part is coming up with the ideas. But once you have your idea thought out you can start the process of drafting up a post.

A typical post should be around 300 to 1000 words and should include at least one image or video. With that being said, feel free to watch the included video so you can see a demonstration of how to add a post.

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