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Domain Names, Hosting, WordPress Development & Site Management. We have you covered.

Domain Names

Your Website will need a Domain Name ( You can get your domain name with us starting at just $9.99.


Your Website needs a home to store files and its database. You can purchase web hosting for less than $10 per month.

WordPress Design & Development

You have options!


Do It Yourself

The do it yourself option is great for those on a limited budget who want a Premium Site. Our themes are fully responsive, seo ready and all receive automatic updates.

This option is like buying a suit off the rack from your favorite department store. If it fits your needs then you're good to go.

Evo Pro

Turn Key

Premium Theme Setup

With our Theme Setup service we install WordPress, your Premium Theme and some essential plugins. We also install Gravity Forms with advanced add-ons (We have a Developers License and are authorized to provide this service), we setup your theme options, upload your logo and more!

This option is like buying a suit off the rack from your favorite department store and taking it to a great tailor.

Premium Setup


Custom Web Design

Are you looking for something different? Maybe you need certain functionality that a general theme can't provide on it's own. We can help you create a unique look and strategy for your website.

This option is like a Custom Tailored Suit. It is made to fit you perfectly.

Custom Design

Website Management

WordPress is constantly evolving. The WordPress Core gets updated often to address various items like added functionality, security updates and more. Our themes also get updated often for the same reasons. Your plugins will need to be updated too. You will need to take backups of your website and perform security checks on your site. If this sounds like something you'd rather not deal with, then we have you covered. We offer Website Management at an affordable price.

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